Being broke ain’t no joke

In these fickle times it seems far-fetched to feel fine about finances and one’s fiscal future. Gas prices are high. The stock market is tanking. Economists on the news sound more hysterical every day. It might be time to begin thinking about making lifestyle changes. Now unless you are dense (and I doubt you are, or else you wouldn’t be reading a library blog), you have noticed that a great deal of what we are doing here is promoting the incredible and vast free resources we have here at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. We can help you. We are your personal librarians after all.

Matters of Managing Mulah

We have myriad books on personal finance. Whether you are interested in how to diversify your funds, get out of debt, or get rich quick, we have it all.

Finding Free and/or Cheap Entertainment

We already told you about the free 2008 RADical Days events all over the city. There are also some free and low-cost options on the Pittsburgh 250 official website. But you, Loyal Reader, know by now that not only do we offer you music, DVDs, books, and various other diversions in fun formats, we also have a monthly calendar chock full of wonderful things to do. And you are invited. You’ll enjoy yourself. Bring your friends!

Changing Your Lifestyle

There are all kinds of ways to make life less expensive. One way is to use recipes from collections like The Ninety-nine Cents Only Stores Cookbook. If that sounds gross, we have many other cookbooks devoted to eating on a shoe-string budget and plenty with ideas for growing your own food. America’s Cheapest Family has written a book on living life cheaply, with topics including menu planning, reducing debt, saving money and cutting back on utilities. It also has tips for garbage picking and mooching, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So don’t despair dear doves!


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