The Horror in the Library: A Lovecraftian Tale* Featuring Fantastical Books, Films, and More to Get You Through October

(A very old journal was recently found in a box of books given to our library by an anonymous donor.  This is the first time the journal’s contents have been released to the public.)

July 14, 1936 — Great news!  I have secured a job at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  I am certain that my skills as an antiquary and paper conservator helped me acquire the position, as one of my first assignments is to work on the preservation of a very rare book recently given to the library by a foreign donor.

July 15 — My first day on the job, and a strange one at that.  My supervisor has shown me the book to be preserved, and it is a horrendous thing indeed.  It is Olaus Wormius’s Latin translation of the Necronomicon.  Until now I had thought the book a thing of myth, but here it is, alive and well in Pittsburgh!  Working on the preservation of this book shall certainly help to advance my career.  My supervisor seems less enthusiastic; he showed me the book and hastily left the room.  I can understand his anxiety given the legend that surrounds this book, but surely it is just that, legend!

July 25 — I have not had much time to write, as my work on the Necronomicon has become an obsession.  I cannot help but read what is in those pages.  In particular, a certain line keeps calling me back to it: “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”  My knowledge of ancient tongues is above average, but this one baffles me.  I will need to do more research to see if I can discover its origins.

August 5 — I have learned the origins of that horrid phrase, not through any research, but within my dreams!  The phrase is irrelevant now; it is the nightmarish dreams that focus my attention.  In the worst of them, I am being stalked by a giant black cat, and as I run from it, He appears in tattered rags of yellow to open a great door that leads to the abyss!  I have yet to fall into that door, but I know it will be my demise when I do.  Therefore, I must not sleep until I can figure out how to escape this madness!

August 10 — I have not slept in five days.  I know I cannot keep this up.  Even awake I can hear the evil calling to me.  I must not fall asleep.  I must not fall asleep.  I must no…  

(Here the journal trails off in a long pen stroke.  At this time, the whereabouts of the Necronomicon remain unknown).

–Wes, transcriber of the journal

*That is, a tale written in a style similar to H.P. Lovecraft’s.


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12 responses to “The Horror in the Library: A Lovecraftian Tale* Featuring Fantastical Books, Films, and More to Get You Through October

  1. kelley

    What a fun post!!

  2. Looks like somebody failed his sanity roll. That’s not a complaint! Hee…


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  4. Vincent

    i know much of the necrinomicon but seeing the print of this gernal the black cat in terms of the necrinomicon wasn’t ment to scare those who possesed the book itself the necrinomicon bistowed its power onto the posseser by entering the dreams of the posseser the reason for this is because the dream realm is where it is most powerfull. If you study up on dreams there are small groups of people who are able to not only control their dreams but remember them with no effort these people if possesed the necrinomicon could actualy invoke the full power of the book from one world (the realm of dreams) into the physical world through their bodys serving as the conduit now the whole thing behind the black cat is because now a days when people think of magick they think of black cats and broom sticks where if a person from ancient times if had would see what they relate to being signs of true magick by reading these journal entries it’s obvious the posseser of the necrinomicon was able to remember his dreams but could not control them nore did he understand the true power of the book.

  5. Vincent, I swear, we don’t have it. Wes was ill the day he wrote this. Um. Yeah.

    Leigh Anne

  6. Vincent

    i figured i was mainly trying to make the point know that the real necrinomicon was not just a spell book but a contract between the forces of nature and the owner but because of the way the book was produced owner ship of it as well as the contract of its true power can only be passed on upon the death of the last owner i been tracing its origins and history ever since i could read hoping to obtain it some day …. simply put my lifes been nothing but pain one operation after another and always in the hospital untill my spine finally collapsed completly when i was 15 i been on life support ever since there was one attempt to get me off of it and it was going good for a while untill i had a relapps and had to be put back on so like i said i figured you didn’t ever have it i was mearly stating what i know and also hoping that if anyone who reads with any leads as to the actual book itself may post something at some point

  7. Vincent

    ok i posted this reply yesterday i don’t know why it never showed but as a reply to eleventh stack i pretty much figured you didn’t ever have i was merely trying to make the point know that the necrinomicon was more than just a book of spells of power that it was a also a contract to the world of magick and that the owner gains its power through the realm of dreams so what ever you see more as related to magick gets shown in your dream state as a powerfull figure to test your will and see if you’re strong enough not only to remember your dreams but also to control them and accept the deal

  8. Sorry about the delay on posting your comments, Vincent – we moderate our comments, and when the library’s closed (as it is today), it takes us a little longer to approve them – thanks for your patience.

    Thanks, too, for your input. Given that we are writing with our librarian hats on, we appreciate your additional information and pov.

    Leigh Anne

  9. Vincent

    no problem i thought my first message was scued or something thats why i thought you didn’t post it i know sometimes when posting information on boards the text or html can get a little recoded and wind up showing you symbles insteat of the text

  10. Nope – just the normal moderation process!


  11. Araidia

    I tried to buy the book , very simular to this one ,
    The Necronmicon is known as the Gates Of Knowlege , its not Evil , its the most real of the bible you can get there are 9 of these books written a very very long time ago , like BC , before Christ , there are 3 Hitler got hold of one and The Roman Church as one of them as we speak , And they do not know the where abouts of the others alot of our wonderful books where destroyed because hmmm you want my opinion they where stupid if you ask me they feared that which they dont understand , well Simon and Lovecraft turned it into a fiction when its real as can be , they are beautiful books , that speak of great knowlege !! That the world needs , no its not evil at all !!!!!! ,

    • Hi there – thanks for commenting – we get a lot of hits on this post, and comments, which probably shouldn’t have surprised us…still, Wes was joking about this journal – and I can state with absolute (maybe) confidence (sort of) that we (probably) don’t have any mystical books here in our library (I think).

      Wes, we may have to write that follow-up…


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