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Breaking-Up is (Not) Hard to do (for some people)

Regardless if it’s happened to you, it’s a known fact that getting dumped stinks. For as painful and dejecting as it is to deal with the trauma of a breakup, it’s equally and somehow perversely satisfying to read about other people’s heartbreak. I’ve recently become a steady reader of the New York Times column Modern Love. The personal essays run the gamut from thinking you’re a bad father, the awkwardness of going on your first “real” date, to going to the barber for the first time after the end of a thirteen year relationship.

What got me wanting to write about this topic is the book I’m currently reading, Things I’ve Learned from the Women Who’ve Dumped Me. Admittedly, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, the cover is what reeled me in. A live woman’s hand holding a plastic model of a human heart? How could I say no. 10% practical advice and 90% hilarious, 31 contributors wear their fervent hearts on their sleeves for our amusement. It can’t be said that you’ll actually learn anything from these personal essays, but it may improve your sense of humor about being dumped.

If you haven’t got enough of cracking up at other people’s misery, This American Life is re-airing one of my all-time favorite episodes this week, Break-Up, where writer Starlee Kine uses Phil Collins as inspiration for writing the perfect break-up song.

Although a break-up can make you lose sleep, your appetite and your mind, at least you know where you can go for some comic relief.

– Lisa


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