Poetry: New and Recommended

Here are eleven (our lucky number) new and noteworthy 2008 titles featured in our Literature and International Poetry collections:

If you’re looking to get your poetry game on and don’t want to break your already gas-burdened budget, stop by the library and get an armful of the latest for just the right price – free!

If you’ve read any great poetry lately, old or new, or have some recommendations of your own, we’d love to know. Just drop us a line in the comments section with some of your favorities.


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5 responses to “Poetry: New and Recommended

  1. Thanks for the excellent list, Don – I’ve added the bulk of these titles to my ever-expanding reading list…

    At the moment, I’m slowly, pleasurably making my way through Jack Gilbert’s Refusing Heaven. There are breathtaking moments here hidden in ordinary ones, and ordinary ones that are quite breathtaking.


  2. A wonderfully fruitful list. Well done.

  3. Cognitive-behavioral Therapy looks great! Thanks, Don.


  4. Don

    Glad you folks liked the list. LAV, I loved “Refusing Heaven” and all of Gilbert, really.


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