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Music to Make Our Garden (Not) Grow

Renée’s compost post and my own composting and modest green thumbing have made me think of music to listen to while gardening.

First of all, one should avoid Garden Ruin though it is a pretty good Calexico album.  Take heed that R.E.M. says “Gardening at Night” is “never where” and “just didn’t grow.”  While the Microscopic Septet (creators of the theme for Fresh Air with Terry Gross) swing hard on their tune “Infernal Garden Blues,” it might not be conducive to plant life. Both one’s plant life and love life seem up to no good in “Sally in the Garden” because Sally is either “sifting sand” or “upstairs with a hog-eyed man.”  Oh, no!  Perhaps those things are best kept secret so I’d suggest listening to the Dave Holland Quintet’s “Secret Garden” featuring Pittsburgh’s own Steve Nelson on vibes and marimba.  Then again, if the garden is a secret, no one will save you from the “Spiders in a Garden” (though the Lifetime song really has more to do with love and confusion than spiders and gardens).

Yes, I’ve realized that “you’ve been a fool and so have I,” so we should just listen to “Make Our Garden Grow” from Leonard Bernstein‘s Candide whose lyrics by Richard Wilbur admit that “we’re neither pure nor wise nor good” but “we’ll do the best we know…and make our garden grow.”

– Tim

p.s.  Naturally, if you have your own favorites (perhaps Bela Fleck’s “Weed Whacker” has controlled undesired plants in your garden), please share your suggestions.

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