Safety at last? (BLITEOTW 2008)

I’m glad I thought of moving the Eleventh Stack team up to the Special Collections Room. It’s cool, quiet, and so out of the way that not even the non-zombie public can find it. We’ve raided the vending machines and Crazy Mocha, brought up the mini-fridges from the staff offices, and we have plenty to read. And heck, this building used to be a public fallout shelter so a few zombies shouldn’t be a problem.

The few who made it into the building were easily driven out by our new policy signs: no food, no cell phones, and no zombies. The rest are waiting patiently outside for us to reopen (our “closed” sign is keeping them at bay), which is very polite of them, I must admit. It’s nice to see that the undead still respect their library.

Now we’re just waiting for our Delivery Services crew to arrive – normally they haul books and DVDs around the county, but this time we’ve got something special planned….


(Totally confused? Check here.)

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