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Bug Us About Reading!

We library folk love it when people ask us questions. Many people worry about bugging us, but you’re really not! At least, not in a bad way. Please, come bug us about reading (and watching and listening, too, of course) so we can help you find materials you’ll enjoy.

Today would be the perfect day to capitalize on our helpful natures by attending the Summer Reading Extravaganza sometime between noon and 5 p.m. You can have fun in the sun, enjoy some snacks, sign up for the summer reading program, and bug us for book recommendations, all on our spacious front lawn.

Can’t make it today? We will miss you, but you won’t miss out: you can still sign up for adult summer reading online. Get your whole family involved by telling them about summer reading for kids and teens.

Not sure where to start your reading adventures? We have all kinds of ideas on tap.

Happy summer, happy reading!

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