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Who needs a librarian?

A lot of people consider me their personal librarian, the same way many people have accountants, mechanics, and even agents.  “Who needs a librarian?” you might ask me.  “You do,” I must reply. 


Friends and family ask me these kinds of questions all the time:


“Bonnie, I want to check out books from my library, but I don’t know how to get a library card.”


“Bon, my eighth grade social studies class is studying the Eastern Hemisphere and I need to find an age-appropriate fiction book for them.  Do you have any suggestions?”


“Bonstance, I need a new book to read–what do I read???”


“Bobo, I have to find articles for a paper I’m writing for grad school—how can I find scholarly articles for my research?”


“Honey, I owe the library 37 dollars, but want to check out some books—how can I do that?”


You see, knowing a librarian is great for a lot of things, I think.  We help you find great books to read, we counsel you in your research, we give you tips on how to best use the internet, as well as guide you to the most user-friendly, most trustworthy books and websites to use for your specific needs. 


“But I don’t know any librarians,” you reply tearfully.  “Don’t cry,” I reply.  “Go down to the local library and introduce yourself to a smiley librarian.  Tell them what you need.  They will help you.  Shy?  Call a librarian on the phone.  Really shy?  Send a librarian an email or chat with one online.  We want to help you.  Empowering you is our passion.”


And the answer to the last question?  “Return your books and pay your fines, Grandma.”




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