Music from Iraq

There’s more to Iraq than chaos and conflict. There’s music to be heard.

Despite the ongoing violence, music is still being made in Iraq today such as the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra in Baghdad (who just performed on May 21, 2008). And there’s even a heavy metal band from Iraq, now refugees, and the subject of a documentary.

In my next post, I’ll introduce you to music from other hot spots around the globe.

— Tim


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3 responses to “Music from Iraq

  1. mikeyc

    If you’d like to hear a former CLP employee interview the makers of the Choubi! Choubi! compilation, follow this link:

    And whats up with all the bees?


  2. Extremely cool! Thanks for the link!

    The bees just showed up and decided they liked us. Occupational hazard, since the remodel, really – I mean, who doesn’t love CLP? ;)


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