I recently splurged on a digital camera, and must confess I’ve caught the shutterbug.  Admittedly, the subject of most shots is one of my oh-so-photogenic feline compadres, but plants, Mt. Dub,  and absurd amounts of closeups of the Monongahela’s surface also sneak in. 

Pittsburgh frequently stars, too.  (See below, please and thank you.)  Our very own Pennsylvania Department is probably the expert when it comes to getting the ‘burgh’s good side, though.  They house the Pittsburgh Photographic Library, a collection of over 50,000 prints and negatives relating to Pittsburgh’s history.  You can even buy prints, or browse the exhibit Bridging the Urban Landscape, or learn more.


The fun part of photography is that it forces you to look around you and observe daily surroundings as though they were art.  But the best part of digital photography is sharing the results online.  And I’m not the only library worker who feels that way.  In addition to the Prints and Photographs Reading Room available on their website, the Library of Congress recently created a Flickr account in hopes that good citizens would participate and tag their huge catalog of pictures that span an incredible range of subjects.

Are there any other photographiles out there?  Want to share your pictures?  What are your favorite subjects or locations?  Are there any photographers–amatuer or professional–you really enjoy?


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