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Let’s (Not) Have Sax

The world of music is full of bad puns (e.g., “going for baroque!” “can you Handel it?” etc.).

Saxophonists seem to be the worst offenders.  Specifically, they can’t resist substituting sax and sex. If you want to indulge them…

  • You can read Paquito D’Rivera’s autobiography “My Sax Life” (also, notice its original title in Spanish, “Mi Vida Saxual”).
  • Or listen to Kim Waters’ “Sax Appeal” or “Sweet and Saxy.”
  • The Fairer Sax, a female saxophone quartet, might tickle your fancy.
  • Your plans for the evening perhaps involve dimming the lights and spinning an LP titled “The Night was Made For… Sax” by Gene Casciola (a graduate of Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University).
  • Reminisce about our libidinous former president with the Capitol Steps’ “The Joy of Sax.”
  • Crank up your “Sax Drive,” not with some pills purchased from an ad in the back of a magazine, but with some saxophone concertos.
  • You can have “Sax on the Beach” with John Tesh but I understand if you don’t want to.
  • And if you decide to have “Sax by the Fire” with John Tesh, don’t get burned!
  • Finally, you can “Have Yourself a Saxy Little Christmas” if you want to make Santa and Jesus cringe.

If you can add to the list, please let us know!  If you’re a saxophonist, please take a cold shower before you continue this trend.

– Tim


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