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Robots and demons and schoolgirls, oh my!

How did you spend your weekend? I spent mine sitting in the one and only Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Manga Reading room at Tekkoshocon, our fair city’s one and only anime convention – you can read all about it at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Teen blog. Much thanks to Joseph for the lovely picture, to everyone who lent a hand, and to all of the busy readers who managed to eat 50 bags of corn chips but not get our books greasy, which is no mean feat.

So now that the convention is over, what better way to head off that dreaded anime/manga withdrawal  than by raiding the library’s collections? We’ve got all sorts of anime in Film & Audio, and the First Floor, Teen, and Children’s departments all have spiffy manga sections. And best of all, it’s free. But you knew that.


book jacket       book jacket       book jacket       book jacket       book jacket       book jacket

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