Pittsburgh Blog for Equality Day

I recently came across a posting on the Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society that declared today as Pittsburgh Blog for Equality Day.  Hopefully bloggers all over Pittsburgh are weighing in on what they think about the “Marriage Protection” Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution.  Not sure what that is?  You can read the bill here, or read more about the issue in books like Beyond Straight and Gay Marriage or Courting Equality.

If you are already up on the issue, think about sending a letter or email to your legislators telling them what you think.  They’re there to represent you, and letter writing is a great way to be civically active.  Look here to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them. 



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6 responses to “Pittsburgh Blog for Equality Day

  1. keltic

    That’s why I didn’t hear about it! It’s being promoted by Pittsburgh WOMEN’S Blogging Society. I’m not a woman, but I do blog, and I oppose the Marriage Protection Amendment. Perhaps I’ll write about that again on my blog this evening. Thanks for the reminder to get active.

  2. Thanks! How about a link to your blog so we can read what you have to say?

  3. keltic

    I thought my signature was a link to my blog. I’m at http://keltic.wordpress.com I guess I have to write something now about marriage equality!

  4. Sue

    Actually, it is being promoted by the Pittsburgh Bloggers Guild and Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. The Society is just an outlet for it. Men are welcome to read and comment as much as they desire.

    The guild http://pghcomet.blogspot.com

  5. Thanks Sue, I guess I didn’t follow enough of the links to get that information.

  6. Sue linked above to my own news blog; the Pgh Bloggers Guild is (sort of) at pghbloggersguild.blogspot.com. We are just coming together; this was our first Thing.

    Thanks for spreading the news.

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