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Pedestrian Crossing.

Kicks, running shoes, foot huggers, tennies, palaminos, chucks, wheels, trainers, sneaks.  Whatever you want to call them, I just got a brand new pair!  The spring in your step that a fresh pair of shoes provides is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures.  

With my new sneakers and the warm weather (if it ever gets/stays here), I’ll be trekking our Pittsburgh neighborhoods and parks.  This town is a great city for walking.  Bridges and stairs and hills, oh my!  Venture out for some great little walks, but do make sure to wear proper footwear.  Whether you are walking for two, a walking man, or another kind of walker, traipsing about the city in an upright fashion can be most fulfilling and rejuvenating.

Don’t feel like taking the Shoe Leather Express?  Saunter over to your reading chair and put on some non-fiction vicarious miles with Helga Estby or 45 other folks who hoof it.  March over to your couch and brush up on the history of walking or ponder why you even stood up in the first place.  Wander with a little one through the most beautiful toddler book ever, I Went Walking.

 Open the front door or open a book, either way a journey is awaiting you.


*Thanks to the Eleventh Stack team, especially Bonnie, for all of the sneaker nicknames.

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