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Be Well.

If the Log Lady in a Sick Room isn’t quite enough self-medication for you when you’re feeling a little sicko, we have shelves and shelves of materials that will help you to help yourself get well.   Health and wellness books and magazines await the pro-active library patron patient including everyone from germ freaks to sacred women to official patients.

When you don’t have the safety net of health insurance, receiving care can become less complicated when you empower yourself with resources to take care of yourself and your familyBe well with this collection of resources for uninsured and under-insured Pittsburghers.  Ask a nurse or conduct at-home tests.  Try out some cures that the existential “they” would rather you not know.

Most importantly, learn how to prevent becoming sick.  The First Floor is hosting an Alternative Healing Series beginning March 26th, with presentations by healers and preventative therapists of acupuncture, massage, energy, and therapeutic yoga.   Please join us for these free presentations and check out some of these wonderfully caring books and resources that are available to you.

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