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This is still your life.

Our latest issue of Pittsburgh Magazine just arrived with the most beautiful local bathroom on the cover, so I am even more inspired to continue where I left off last time I posted.  So you’re in the shower, perhaps you’re washing your hair (if you have it), pondering whether you should switch conditioners.  Maybe you’re on the last sliver of the lovely soap you got as a gift a couple of months ago.  When you’re done, the bathroom is all steamy

 What’s next?  Some might say it’s time to put on makeup.  Or perhaps you have a whole skin care routine.  Either way, Paula Begoun is going to have something to say to you in her latest book, Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, which just recently arrived on our shelves. 

Then, finally, you arrive in front of your closet.  (If you’re starting in the closet, and want to get out, we have books for that, too.)  Are you happy with all that clutter? Well, just like you can organize from the inside out if you should so desire, you can also dress from the inside out. If only it were that easy, though. All these little decisions: what color do you want to wear? Does that style make you look fat?  Do you want to go retro today? 

I almost forgot the undergarments!  If you’re as philosophical about underwear as you were about cleanliness, you should probably check out Jill Fields’ An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality, Hidden Underneath: A History of Lingerie, by Farid Chenoune, or Uplift: the Bra in America, by Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau.  And it’s winter here in Pittsburgh, so most of us would hate to go without socks.

Don’t worry, men, you are not going to be neglected completely in this post!  Some of the biggest names in fashion are men, for goodness’ sake!  Askmen.com has a style guide for you, as does Carson KressleyMen’s style can make a huge statement, so perhaps you’re ready to make your own.

Next time I post, we’re finally ready for breakfast.


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