Pittsburgh reads.

Congratulations, Pittsburgh: you’re the ninth most literate city in America. I knew Steve Jobs was wrong when he said people don’t read anymore. He just doesn’t know you like I know you, Pittsburgh.

You see, I see you everyday at the library, with your arms, briefcases, and backpacks full of books. I know you check out other things too, and believe me, I’m thrilled.  But this morning, I want to talk about books.  Because we’re number nine, Pittsburgh.  And I think Atlanta hears us knocking.

What’s all this about, you ask?  You can learn more about the CLP Main blog project in the FAQ and About Us sections of the site. But enough about us for the moment: let’s look at some recently released books.

The plot of Without Mercy is an interesting twist on your typical murder mystery: somebody’s got it in for the cast of Kissing Cousins, a faux 70s sitcom, and is bumping off the B-list celebrities one by one. A Boston journalist with a passion for cheesy movies and TV is on the case. First in a projected series, this could be interesting for readers who like mysteries, but are tired of the same plots and set-ups.

If you prefer history to mystery, take a peek at Mona Yahia’s fiction debut. When the Grey Beetles Took Over Baghdad draws on the author’s own childhood experiences to create a vivid, disturbing portrait of Iraq in the 1960s. A topical coming-of-age novel with poignancy and passion.

Want something lighter?  Try The Fortune Quilt, a gentle chick-lit pick with a paranormal twist.  For a more down-to-earth take on relationships, try She’s Gone, in which two damaged people try to love themselves, and each other, despite their cultural differences.

If I didn’t find your book this morning, don’t worry – we have about two million in the building, and ten more bloggers to hear from.  In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail to eleventhstack@carnegielibrary.org  if you have suggestions for future entries.

Tune in tomorrow when you’ll hear from another librarian with another point of view…

 –Leigh Anne

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  1. Laurie

    Glad you started the blog. Clues me into things the library has that I didn’t know about. Fun to hear from different librarians, too.!

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