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Batman: Dark Knight Looming

We’re really just less than four days away from the release of Dark Knight Rises, the thrilling conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  The first installment, Batman Begins, breathed new life into the moribund film franchise, and the second installment, … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Lives of Batman

Even as the filming of Batman: Dark Knight Rises unfolds in the streets of Pittsburgh, and DC Comics and their legions of tired fans gird themselves for yet another continuity re-boot, I have to remind myself that there are always … Continue reading

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Strange Characters: The Cinematic Pairings of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

In anticipation of Tim Burton’s Big Eyes coming out on Christmas Day, I’ve been having my own Burton retrospective and recently watched Edward Scissorhands for the umpteenth time.  With this film, Burton found a kindred spirit in Johnny Depp that has … Continue reading


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Ask a Librarian

I feel pretty competent when it comes to finding information and locating books that I’m interested in (As a librarian, you’d hope this would be the case, right?!). I love talking with my colleagues in other departments, but rarely ask … Continue reading


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Celebrate Banned Books Week With Your Favorite Comic

Yesterday began this year’s Banned Books Week, and lists maintained by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the American Library Association show that comics are as susceptible to banning as their prose cousins. In a way, it’s flattering to … Continue reading


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I Learned How To Spell ‘Gyllenhaal’ Without Looking While Writing This

The last time Jake Gyllenhaal was in Pittsburgh was when he was filming 2009’s Love & Other Drugs.  Now, he’s back in town filming Southpaw. Directed by Hill District-native Antoine Fuqua—who led Denzel Washington to his Oscar win in 2001’s Training Day—the currently-filming drama follows … Continue reading


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How Comics Become Graphic Novels, or Which Volume One Do I Pick?!

The books you find in the graphic series sub-section of the Library’s graphic novel collection don’t start out as nicely bound books with shiny pages, introductions, and insights into the artist’s process in the back. (If you’ve been reading comics … Continue reading

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Hollywood of the East: A Top Ten List of Pittsburgh-filmed Movies

With Josh Boone’s adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars opening in theaters across the country today, the long history that Pittsburgh has with film continues to grow. In case you didn’t know, the movie was filmed around … Continue reading


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Watching More Books

A while back, I featured some books that would making their way to the small screen with adaptations (That was in August? Holy smokes!). Well, now that the networks are announcing their choices for the next TV season, it’s clear … Continue reading


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Arrow Hits The Bullseye For TV Supers

  I just spent the last weekend watching Season One of Arrow.  Regular readers of Eleventh Stack know that I consume a lot of superhero material in any number of mediums.  Arrow might just be the finest television adaptation of … Continue reading


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